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Projects Overview

Lists are now Projects!  

Lists on Entelo will convert automatically to Projects so you will not lose any of your existing data. Along with the name change, we’ve also added a few features to make your workflow on Entelo more efficient.



“Stages” is a brand new addition to Projects. You can now segment and filter candidates based on their Stages. With this feature, you can quickly identify candidates that need additional attention. 
If you are in an org with Track enabled, candidates will move to the different Stages automatically when you contact them through Track! If you are not Track-enabled, you can still mark candidates as contacted manually.

New Layout

The new Projects layout makes it easier to get to the most popular actions: contacting a candidate and asking a Hiring Manager for review. We’ve also simplified the layout, making it more intuitive for new users.
The new layout allows more space for Tags, which is a flexible way to organize candidates within a Project.

Integration with Track

Projects are much more powerful if you have Track enabled. When you send a Track message, we will automatically detect and display scheduled messages, follow-ups, and replies. By using Projects and Track, you can get a comprehensive view of your pipeline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are you changing Lists to Projects?
In 2019, we want users to go beyond just having a “list” of candidates. Projects is the first of many workflow improvements that we will launch this year.
Will I lose access to my existing Lists?
No! All of your existing Lists (even those that you created 4 years ago) will migrate over to Projects. There will be no changes to any of your existing Lists, notes, or other activities.
Can I edit what the Stages are called right now?
Not in this release. For now, the Stages will be All, Uncontacted, Contacted, and Replied.
How do the Stages in Projects work if I am Track-enabled?
If the organization is Track-enabled, we will update the Project Stages automatically for you. For example, if a candidate that you messaged replied to your Track message, we will move that profile from Contacted to the Replied Stage.
How do the Stages in Projects work if I am NOT Track-enabled?
If the organization is NOT Track-enabled, you will have to move profiles to the different Stages manually. This is similar to the “Mark as Contacted” feature in Lists.
Why can I not change the candidate Stages manually or mark someone as contacted?
If you are in a Track-enabled organization, these Stages will be assigned automatically based on Track activity. We don’t want you to miss out on a reply if you mistakenly unmark someone as Contacted.
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