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Track Lite FAQ

With Track Lite, Entelo users without a Track integration can still use Track Insights to craft email messages and automatically paste them into their default email client using a mailto link. 

How does the Track Lite modal mailto work?

Track Lite populates the message and subject you've drafted, the recipient email, and any BCC/CC addresses in your email client via a mailto link.

How do I view email addresses?

You can view emails from the `To` section of Track Lite modal, or from the three dots on Profile. If that candidate doesn’t have an email, you will see `Request Email` instead of `Contact`. Screen_Shot_2019-01-03_at_1.58.55_PM.png

Does this work for bulk contact?

No, you can only use this for one profile at a time.  We may add that functionality in the future.

Can users change their default mail client?

Yes. You can follow the steps in this article.

Are there limitations to mailto links?

1. Images and embedded links are not supported: images and embedded links pasted into Track Lite will not be imported into your email client.  You may paste them directly into your email client instead.

2. Character limits on Windows IE: we recommend Track messages be 50-250 words. For users of Internet Explorer on Windows, there is a 2000 character limit (this also include characters in email addresses and subject lines). If you prefer to exceed the 2000 character limit, you can continue to add to the email once it has been populated into your email client.  

Does Track Lite affect reporting?

If you mark a profile as contacted, they will count towards “contacted” in team activity in reports. 

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