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Connecting Track to Exchange

Connecting Track to Exchange

Entelo includes a built-in messaging platform called Track, which enables you to reach out to candidates from within the Entelo platform while receiving replies directly in your Inbox. In order to get the most out of Track, you'll need to connect your mailbox. Track can connect with mailboxes on Gmail, Office365, and Microsoft Exchange. Here's how to connect to Exchange:

Domain Authentication (White Labeling)

When you send an email through Track, you need to tell the internet that it is okay for our third-party email service provider to send mail on your behalf. You do this through a process called domain authentication (which is also sometimes called white labeling). If you don't set this up, there is a high likelihood that your emails will be rejected as spam.

To setup domain authentication, Entelo will provide you with 3-5 CNAME records that your IT team will need to add to your company's DNS. These entries tell receiving email servers that we have permission to send email on your behalf, so that the emails won't be rejected as spam. Once these records exist on your end, contact Entelo so that we may verify them.

Reply Fetching Configuration

One of the features of Track is the ability to send automated follow up messages. With this feature enabled, Entelo will automatically send your follow-up message if the candidate has not replied. To ensure that we do not send a follow-up to a candidate who has replied, we need the ability to access the recruiter's inbox to check for replies to emails that were sent through Track.

Setting this up is a two-step process:

  • Your IT department will need create an Exchange service account
  • Individual recruiters will need to grant the service account "reviewer" permissions on their Inbox folder.

Service Account

The first step in configuring reply fetching is to have your IT department create a service account. Once the account is created, they will need to share the following information with Entelo:

  • Service account name (including domain, if necessary)
  • Service account password (which should be a randomly generated password)

As soon as Entelo receives this information, we can test the connection to make sure it is working.

Folder Permissions

Once the service account has been created, recruiters can begin granting the service account permission to read their inbox. Here are the steps necessary, on Windows and macOS.

Outlook for Windows

1. Right click on the Inbox folder

2. Select "Properties"

3. Select the "Permissions" tab


4. Click "Add"


5. Search for and select the service account, click "Add", then click "OK"


6. Select "Reviewer" from Permission Level


7. Click "OK"

Outlook for macOS

1. In Outlook, right click on the Inbox folder

2. Select "Sharing Permissions"

3. Click Add User


4. Search for the service account name, and click "Add"


5. Select "Reviewer" from the Permission Level dropdown


6. Click "OK"


Entelo requests the following permissions:

  • Reviewer (read access)

Here's why we need these permissions:

  • We use the reviewer permission in order to periodically check to see if candidates have replied to one of your Entelo emails. If we detect a reply, we cancel any automated follow ups that may have been scheduled to go out at a later date.

NOTE: Entelo does NOT read any of the email in your inbox. Rather, we search the email headers for messages "in-reply-to" the original message you sent through Entelo. Once we find such a message, we double check that the From address is the candidate's email address, then record the fact that we've seen a reply. We do not look at the subject or body of the reply (or any other email in your Inbox).


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