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Multiple Follow Ups - FAQ

Multiple Follow Ups

How do I add multiple follow ups?

When contacting a candidate, click + "Add Follow Up". You can send up to four follow-ups, resulting in five total emails (first email and four follow ups).


How many days into the future can I send follow ups?

You can schedule a follow up to send 2-45 days after the previous email. The email will send at best time on the day you've selected.


How do I cancel a follow up/scheduled email?

Go to the Track Outbox (Track tab).  On the scheduled email you want to cancel, select the drop down on the right, and select cancel.  This will cancel this email, and all of its subsequent follow ups.


How can I sort my emails?

The default for outbox is sorted by created at and grouped by recipient. This way, you can see the follow ups meant for one candidate all grouped together. You can also sort by recipient, subject, status, send at, and created at.

What do the statuses mean?

Scheduled - Your email is set to send at the designated time.

Pending - Your email is scheduled to send after another action occurs (ie, your third email will be pending until your second email is sent, at which point it will be scheduled).

Delivered - Your email has been sent to the candidate.

Cancelled - Your follow up email was cancelled. This may because a candidate responded to your previous outreach, or because you cancelled the email yourself.

Failed - Your message was not sent due to a technical issue with Entelo and/or your email server.

Note: Both scheduled and pending emails will be cancelled if a candidate has responded to your previous outreach.

What happens if I send on behalf of someone else?

In that case, you can choose who you would like to send on behalf of for each individual follow up email.



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