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Permissions for Track Integrations

What do we request?


We currently request the following scopes from Google upon OAuth'ing a user:

  • email - grants access to the user's email address

  • profile - grants access to the user's basic profile information

  • gmail.modify - grants read, send, and manage rights to the user's email but NOT delete

Microsoft Office365

We currently request the following scopes from Microsoft upon OAuth'ing a user:


Microsoft Exchange

We currently request that Exchange users grant our delegate account "Reviewer" access to their Inbox. This grants us read access to their Inbox folder, but no other folders. So, if the user moves a reply out of the Inbox (or deletes it) before we see it, we won't ever see it.


Why do we request this access?


We only look at email headers (not the body).  We do this to read the email’s message ID to see if it is was email sent via our system.  If the email was sent via our system, we check for replies and whom those replies were from. Then we record the fact that there was a reply in our system - but we do not read or save the contents of the reply.


In order to draft and send an email on the user’s behalf. Additionally, for Gmail, we use this to add labels to emails

What we don’t do:

We do not read the body of the emails you have received.  We do not capture or copy your emails.

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