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Hiring Manager Review

Candidate Lists are now Projects! Here’s how to get started sharing a project with a hiring manager or colleague, for review.

Select some or all candidates you'd like to have reviewed, then click "Ask for Review":

 Choose from someone on your team, or select "Add New Reviewer" to enter the information for a new reviewer:


This process creates a review queue with the same title as the project.


The reviewer receives an email prompting their review. No sign in is required. Review can be completed on mobile or desktop applications.



The unique link created points to the review queue to which the hiring manager was invited. Each candidate profile has a click-to-expand functionality. If logged in to Entelo, this will also show third party data and a link back to the full Entelo profile. Each candidate also has a thumbs up/down, with “rejection reasons drop-down” for down.

There’s also an "Anonymized Candidates" mode that helps to remove bias in the review process for Hiring Managers. If you select this option, profile images will be removed and names will be changed to initials (recruiters must select this option when inviting the Hiring Manager the review queue). Additionally, any Unbiased Mode settings already set at the organization or user level will be reflected.

In both cases, a status box will appear when the Hiring Manager has reviewed on all candidates.


At any point, the Hiring Manager can choose to "Finish" reviewing, as well as leave an optional note. Once they have done this, they will not be able to change or add reviews. The Recruiter will receive an email with the Hiring Manager's note and a link to their reviews. 

When they click ‘View Project’ button, they are directed to the project associated with the review queue. 



On the project, the recruiter can filter by rejection decision, name, and reason.

If the recruiter wants to send over more people for the Hiring Manager to review, they need to repeat the steps above, which creates a new review queue for the Hiring Manager.

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