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How To Use Outreach Insights

Outreach Insights distil down the analysis of millions of recruiting emails sent through the Entelo Platform over time to provide actionable advice on email optimization, right from within the email composition module.


  1. Begin typing, then click on the ‘Message Score’ button to see Entelo’s suggestions for your email. The Outreach Insights optimization window will provide a checklist of tasks recommended for incorporation prior to email sending.
  2. You’ll see check marks highlight in real time as edits are incorporated and tasks are completed.
  3. Check your Message Score before sending. The Message Score is the ultimate indicator of the strength of your outreach. Entelo analyzes the content of your email, your scheduled send time, total word count, follow up messages, and the relationship between sender and recipient to assign an overall quality score. The higher your Message Score, the better your chance at a reply.


Learn more about email best practices recommended by Entelo here.

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