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Entelo Smart Profiles with Candidate Insights

Discover how Entelo's new Candidate Insights can help you source smarter and faster.

Get deep insights into prospective candidates by surfacing key data points not found on traditional resumes and social profiles such as candidates’ career highlights and strengths, company-fit, skill mastery, and estimated salary. Combined, these insights give you the ultimate indicator of fit for your open role.


Search Match

  • Entelo’s proprietary algorithm determines how each candidate aligns with your search criteria based on their skills and experience. The algorithm used to determine the strength of your Search Match uses exact and related terms entered as search criteria that show up in different profile sections including skills, job titles, company names, candidate names, and job description.



  • Each profile will have different and multiple Search Match scores depending on the search criteria you entered.


Company Fit

  • Company Fit will help you evaluate whether candidates are a relevant fit for your organization based on dozens of variables, such as industry and past employers. Company Fit uses a machine learning model to determine whether:
    • The candidate has relevant industry experience
    • The candidate has experience with companies of similar size
    • People from the candidate’s current company have joined your organization


More Likely To Move

Entelo analyzes dozens of predictive variables to surface candidates who are more receptive to new opportunities. Entelo’s More Likely To Move™ candidates are twice as likely as comparable candidates to make a move within the next 90 days*.

You’ll be able to see each candidate’s likelihood of switching jobs, ranging from least likely to more likely, along with strategic insights and reasons, to help you personalize your outreach. To do this, Entelo analyzes dozens of variables, such as candidates’ average job tenure and recent work anniversaries, company turnover rate.


Career Highlights:

Candidate Highlights help you quickly see candidates’ professional and educational strengths, to gain a better understanding of the details yielding to their unique value. These can range from specific skills, academic degrees, level of demand, engagement rate, among other categories.  Leverage these insights to personalize your outreach for the highest engagement possible.

Activity Highlights:

  • 🔥In High Demand - Other recruiters are taking action on this candidate. Reach out before it's too late!
  • ⚡Likely to Engage - This candidate has a high engagement rate on Entelo Track. Start a conversation!
  • eyes.gifMost Viewed - This candidate has been viewed multiple times recently.

Academic highlights:

  • 🎓MBA - MBA Graduate
  • 🎓Advanced Degree - Advanced Degree Graduate
  • 🎓PhD - PhD Graduate
  • 🎓Top US School - Attended one of the top schools in the US
  • 🎓Top School in Europe - Attended one of the top schools in Europe
  • 🎓Top School in Asia - Attended one of the top schools in Asia
  • 🎓Top School in China - Attended one of the top schools in China
  • 🎓Top School in India - Attended one of the top schools in India
  • 🎓Top School in Canada - Attended one of the top schools in Canada
  • 🎓Top US Computer Science Program - Graduated from one of the top Computer Science programs in the US
  • 🎓Top US Engineering School - Graduated from one of the top engineering schools in the US
  • 🎓Top US MBA Program - Graduated from one of the top MBA programs in the US
  • 🎓Top US Med School - Graduated from one of the top med schools in the US
  • 🎓Top US Law School - Graduated from one of the top law schools in the US

Company Highlights:

  • 📈Fortune 500 - Experience at one or more Fortune 500 companies
  • 🦄Unicorn Company - Experience at a startup valued at over $1 billion
  • 🚀Fast-Growing Company - Experience at a fast-growing company
  • ❤️Non-Profit  - Experience working with non-profit organizations

Social Highlights:

  • Github Guru - This candidate has been an active contributor on Github
  • Github Polyglot - Github contributions in more than 6 different programming languages
  • Github Influencer - Popular Github user
  • Twitter Influencer - Popular Twitter user
  • Stack Overflow Guru - High reputation on Stack Overflow

Achievements Highlights:

  • 🏆President's Club Award - President's Club Award winner
  • 📜Patent Holder - Holds one or more patents

Experience Highlights

  • 🌟Rising Star - High promotion rate based on years of experience
  • ⏰Years Relevant Experience - Years of experience relevant to the current role
  • 💡Entrepreneurial Experience - Experience as a founder or CEO of a startup
  • 💡Entrepreneur - Currently a founder or CEO of a startup. Usually passionate and motivated individuals!
  • 💼Management Roles - Experience in management roles

Other Highlights:

  • 📗Published Author - Published in academic, scientific, or other types of publications
  • 🌐Polyglot - Speaks more than 4 languages
  • 🌐Multilingual - Speaks more than 1 languages

Career path and Company Insights:

Career Path helps you visualize candidates past and current roles, their promotion rates and average job tenure, to help predict where they’ll take their careers next. By clicking on each job, you can also get insights on employers such as size, recent news, salary range prediction, company culture score.


  • Powered by Paysa, salary range predictions help recruiters evaluate candidate’s calculated market value. Paysa uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to calculate salary averages based on publicly reported salary information. Paysa gathers this information from four different sources: recruiters, companies, self-reporting and public record.
  • The company culture score provides additional information about candidates’ employers, such as how employees rate each company, to help recruiters understand the environment in which each candidate has worked.
  • Thanks to our partnership with Crunchbase, you can also see latest company news, to help provide context about each candidate and help you personalize your outreach strategy.


If you have any questions or need additional support, please reach out to your Customer Success representative, or email our team at support@entelo.com.

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