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Setting up a Job - Adding a template

  1. Select a template you have previously created in Envoy or save the email you are currently working on as a template.
  2. Select who you would like the email to come from. If you have permission to send on behalf of another colleague you are able to select their email address.
  3. Email title and body. Type out your message as you would with any email editor.
  4. Change the formatting of your text.
  5. Custom fields can be added when sending bulk emails. It will automatically add the candidates first/last name when the email is sent.
  6. Open the formatting settings to insert links, insert pictures, change font size/style, insert bullet points and change indent formatting.
  7. Add a follow up to this email. You do not need to submit a follow-up template although it does increase the response rates of candidates who may have missed your 1st message or need a gentle reminder. Follow-ups are only sent to candidates who have not responded to your email. Candidates who opened your email and did not respond will still receive the follow-up email.

Hit next to view a summary of all the information you have entered. Please check this information carefully as it cannot be edited after the job has been activated. Candidates will not be able to see this information, they will only see the email and follow-up that is sent to them.

After checking that all the information is correct you can activate your Job or save it as a draft to be activated at a later date.

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