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Setting up a Job - Job Criteria

Enter the required skills. There is a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8. Some skills will auto-populate, but don’t worry if yours doesn’t as there is an option to add skills that aren’t in our database.The blue tags under the skills are suggestions of skills based on the Job Title and Job Description you entered in the previous step.

You can remove required skills by clicking the "x" or adjust the priority by changing the number (1 not very important - 5 very important).

Envoy provides a real-time preview of possible matches to help you tweak your job criteria and get the best matches. With every input or change, the algorithm re-calibrates and refines the Search.

You can then add other supporting job titles that will be helpful to your role. You can add up to 5 job title, but please do not use titles that are specific to your organization, try to use the standard titles that are suggested once you start typing. License or certification information is also best left out these job titles. Adjust the slider to match the amount of experience required.

Company Profile allows you to add preferred companies and exclude any companies you don’t want to see. Some companies may auto-populate, but if the company you want to add doesn’t appear you will have the option to add that company. Once you have entered the company you can exclude that company by checking the box that appears next to the company tag. Results will not come exclusively from your preferred companies, rather it acts as a booster and will show you those candidates first. Please try to use a maximum of 5 or 6 companies as this will produce the best results.

Education allows you to select 4-year degree or advanced degree as requirements in addition to your required skills.

Other Options include “Not a Job Hopper” and “Management Experience”. We classify “Job Hoppers” as people who have multiple job stints of less than a year in the last 3-5 years. Management Experience means we will pull data that explicitly states if a candidate has led and/or managed a team for 2 or more years.

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