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Setting up a Job - Tell us about your open role


Enter the job title. Only one job title is allowed, so try to make it the title that would appear on a candidates resume. Company/location specific job titles will limit your results, so if you are looking for (example of very specific job), (non specific job) would work better as you will be able to add other information about the job later.


Internal Name or ID is for you to keep track of the job. You can enter anything you like, but we suggest making it obvious and memorable. "Q4 Engineer Search" is better than just "Engineer".

For the Job description section you can copy and paste the description on your website/internal documents and our Envoy algorithms will parse the description to suggest relevant skills and positions on the next step of adding specific criteria.


In the Location field you can add up to 5 locations, but don’t worry if your location doesn’t auto-populate, you can enter it manually and it will be recognized. If the role is remote, then you can also select a country and multiple countries are possible. Please note that you will not receive an equal number of candidates from each location, Envoy pulls candidates based on skills, so the candidates will be populated starting with the ones that best match your required criteria.

Once you have completed everything you can, click next and move on to more specific job criteria.

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