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Entelo Search Release Notes Feb 2018

Here’s a quick look at new features we’ve rolled out this month for Entelo Search:

  • New! Boolean Builder
  • Improved Search Experience
  • New! Organization Settings page
  • Privacy Shield Certification & GDPR Compliance
  • Sonar Sunset


New Boolean Builder

Not a Boolean expert? No problem! Entelo's new Boolean builder can help you more easily surface the candidates you are looking for, without all the hassle of manually building insanely long and complex search strings.

Simply navigate to Entelo Search and click on the Boolean Builder icon to get started. Enter the criteria you are looking for into the search builder, and a boolean string will automatically be generated for you, saving you time and hassle.

Entelo Boolean Builder.gif

Improved Search Experience

With Entelo’s new predictive search functionality, searching for the best talent just got a lot easier. Our improved search experience allows you to more accurately hone in on the candidates you are looking for by classifying your search terms and making suggestions as you type.

Classifying your keywords as skill, position, company or name will help contextualize your search and eliminate any redundancies. For example, the search term “ruby” could be a person’s name (Ruby Jones), a skill (Ruby on Rails), or a company name (Ruby Tuesday). Indicating the category you would like to search within allows Entelo to pull the most accurate and relevant results.

New Search Experience.001.jpeg

We’ll make suggestions as you type, to help you save time, but you can always select the keywords and categories you want and edit your search filters as needed.

New Organization Settings page

We understand having complete visibility into your team’s activity, and how they leverage Entelo, is key to a successful talent acquisition strategy. That is why we’ve made it easier for administrators (especially those from large organizations working with multiple recruiting teams) to visualize and manage user roles and permissions.

Administrators can access the new Organization Settings page from their account drop-down menu. From there, they will be able to easily manage the users in their organization.

New Organizations Settings Page.001.jpeg

Privacy Shield Certification & GDPR Compliance

As organizations worldwide prepare for increased regulation around data privacy and protection, we are proud to announce that Entelo is now EU-U.S. Privacy Shield-Certified via self-certification and well on our way to European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

By joining the Privacy Shield Framework we are reaffirming our long-standing commitment to being at the forefront of industry privacy and security standards, while continuously looking ahead for ways to strengthen our practices.

Sonar Sunset  

We created Sonar to help recruiters find great candidates, even when they didn't have the time for passive sourcing. As our technology advanced, we realized we could achieve that same goal in a much more efficient way, and we created a powerful new product called Entelo Envoy that is already changing the way companies connect with talent.

The Sonar feature was sunset on Jan 31st. For more information on how to get started with Entelo Envoy, please reach out to your customer success representative directly.

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