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Using The New Search Bar In Entelo Search

The improved search experience allows you to more accurately hone in on the candidates you are looking for by classifying your search terms.


  1. Start by entering any keyword into the search bar.
  2. The drop down menu will automatically appear as you begin to type.
  3. Classify your keyword as a skill, position, company or name by selecting from the appropriate category below. For example, the search term “ruby” could be a name (Ruby Jones), a skill (Ruby on Rails), or a company (Ruby Tuesday). Indicating the category you would like to search within allows Entelo to return the most accurate results.
    1. NOTE: Entelo will attempt to guess which category your search term falls into. Those categories will appear at the top of the dropdown menu, but any of the four categories can be selected.
  4. Categorized search terms will appear in blue in your search bar.
  5. Continue adding and classifying keywords until you are ready to hit ‘search’.


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