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How to edit a scheduled email

You can edit any part of a scheduled email from the Track tab.

Clicking on the "Scheduled" button will show you all emails that are scheduled to be sent in the future.

Hovering your cursor over the email you would like to change will bring up 3 options.

  1. Edit will take you to a new page where you can edit the send time and body of your email. (more on this below)
  2. Delete will delete this scheduled email. This means it will not be sent to any of the recipients. (please note you can not undo this action)
  3. Send now will send the email to all the recipients immediately. (please note this action can also not be undone)

Editing send time and email body

After clicking Edit you will be brought to the Edit Draft page. From this page you can edit it the time it will be sent by clicking the edit button next to the scheduled time, you can edit the text in the email the same as sending an email/creating a template, and you can send immediately or save the changes for it to be sent out as scheduled.

After clicking edit next to the scheduled time you will be able to select a new time and confirm it by clicking OK.

Removing recipients

To remove a recipient from a scheduled email click on any of the recipients name.

From this page you can remove recipients by clicking the X next to their name, send the email immediately or go to the edit page allowing you to edit the scheduled time and email body.

Clicking the archive button will delete this scheduled email the same way as the delete button on the main scheduled emails page.

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