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Managing your Stack Workflow: Advanced Settings

Recruiting cycles often change and your hiring requirements need to follow suit. If you are following an Entelo profile within Entelo Stack Web, you can fine tune your workflow settings based on your changing requirements. Perhaps you want to accelerate the process and advance a candidate to a Face to Face interview instead of a phone screen. Maybe you need to adjust your disposition or rejection template. Or you may want to auto-advance a candidate based on your stack raking/scoring criteria specified in your workflow.

You can do all of the above and more with Entelo Stack. This article highlights some the key workflow advance settings to maximize your Entelo Stack usage.

1) Open one of the jobs that you are following and select Edit under Workflow Settings:

2) In this particular example we want to change the workflow and fast-track qualified (from the Green category) candidates to an Executive Review stage:

3) We also want to adjust our thresholds and make the stack ranking/scoring more strict. In other words, you want to be very selective with your criteria and only the "cream of the crop" candidates can make the cut for the Green category. Leveraging your Stack criteria, you can control the % of candidates that should make the cut:

Adjust your workflow criteria thresholds from 40%:

to 15%, by simply using the sliding scale:

The above adjustment makes your stack rankings much more selective and thus, the number of qualified candidates will be lower in volume, but much, much targeted.

4) For those qualified candidates that make the 15% group, you may want to automatically advance as soon as they apply. By selecting this option, Entelo Stack will systematically advance the candidates to the next step in the workflow. In this case, Entelo Stack will automatically advance the candidates to the Executive Review stage. Similarly, you can have Entelo Stack automatically reject candidates that fall within the 65% group or simply reject them automatically if the candidate did not meet the job requirements after applying, thus, keeping your stack list fresh and organized. You can also bypass and keep candidates from specific sources - even if those candidates that did not make the 15% cut:

5) You can also adjust your workflow to filter candidates that have applied to other job postings that have very similar skill-sets and qualifications associated with the job requisition at hand. You can also specify location and include prospect applicants found in your ATS:

Save your settings. At this point Entelo Stack will re-rank candidates based on your new workflow setting. Based on the above changes, you can see that your adjusted workflow identified 6 qualified candidates. In this example, prior to adjusting the workflow, the total candidates under the Green category was 13.

You can always calibrate your Entelo Stack workflow based on your ever changing requirements giving your a refined set of qualified candidates. Happy hiring!















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