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How to Set Up your Entelo Stack for Mobile - Quick Start

Entelo Stack for Mobile brings the power of our desktop solution right to the palm of your hand. With Entelo Stack for Mobile App, you can immediately get value by taking action on applicants with one swipe, from wherever you are; anytime, anywhere. This article provides a quick and easy guide to get you started.

Download the App:

Go to the App Store and search for Entelo Stack. Once installed, login using the same credentials for Entelo Stack Web.


* Note that Entelo Stack Mobile currently support iOS.

If are not following an Entelo profile within Entelo Stack Web, you will be prompted to set up a workflow. No worries, the steps below will show you how to do it.

Set Up Entelo Stack Web Version

1) The first thing you need to do is find the job requisition in your ATS and follow it. 

2) Edit your ranking criteria for the Job that you are following. Basically this instructs Entelo Stack how you want to score and stack applicant resumes against this particular job requisition. Go ahead and click on the Job Title followed by the Actions Button > Edit criteria:

3) From here you can get as granular as you like. Entelo Stack provides a comprehensive set of filters, from location and skills to seniority and education. The "sliders" allow you to calibrate your criteria based on importance. For instance, if a specific skill is a must have, you may want to move the slider all the way to the right until it reads "Required." You can always fine tune your criteria at any time.

Once you are finished setting up your criteria go ahead and save it. 

The system will notify you that the changes have been saved. Let the applicant rankings begin!

4) Now that your criteria is set, you need to set up your Stack Workflow. In other words, what should Entelo Stack do if it identifies candidates that meet your criteria? Should it move those candidates to a Phone screen or directly to a Face to Face Interview? This is where the Entelo Stack Workflow comes in handy:

In this example Entelo Stack will advance those candidates that meet the ranking criteria and move them to the Face-to-Face step in the recruiting process. Once you are satisfied with your workflow go ahed and save your settings. 


Using Entelo Stack for Mobile

Open up Entelo Stack on your mobile device. You will now see the jobs that you are following. Select one of the jobs; an easy-to-use dashboard for that particular Job will be displayed.


Lets go ahead and view the candidates under the Green Group. Entelo Stack for Mobile will display one candidate at a time. You can swipe/scroll down to view the applicant's resume. If want to view other candidates simply tap on the blue pagination arrows at the bottom of the page.


Once you find a candidate that fits the bill, you can Advance that candidate to the next step in the workflow that we set up above. You can Advance an applicant by swiping to the right or by tapping on the thumbs up button.

Similarly, you can reject candidates by swiping to the left  or by tapping on the thumbs down button.


Time is of the essence and you want to contact a qualified candidate right away? No problem. Simply tap on the actions button. You can Email, call, or share the candidate with a colleague right from your device.


And there you have it! If You want to see Entelo Stack Mobile in action, please check out this short video.













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