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October 2016: New Search Filters and Extension Updates

Here’s a quick look at new features we’ve rolled out this month for Entelo Search:
  • New! Company size filter
  • Entelo Chrome Extension updates

Company size filter 

Looking for candidates who work well in a startup environment? Or do you need your next hire to have experience working for a large enterprise? Now, targeting candidates who have worked for a company of a certain size is easier than ever, with the addition of a company size filter for Entelo Search.

Simply start by entering a search term, then select the company size you prefer from the list provided. Entelo will return candidates whose current or previous companies fall within the range specified.


Entelo Chrome Extension updates

The Entelo Chrome Extension received a makeover – plus several new features requested by you!

  • Site detection and smart reveal – The Entelo Chrome Extension can now detect which site you are browsing to reveal only the most relevant information for you when browsing that site. For example, if you are sourcing on GitHub, the extension will reveal your candidate’s previous job positions. But if you are sourcing on LinkedIn (where a candidate’s job positions are already featured), the extension will instead display other supplementary candidate information. 
  • List search – You now have the ability to search for your existing lists directly in the Entelo Extension. The “type ahead” feature makes organizing your candidates a breeze by displaying your existing lists as you type.
  • ATS export refresh – Now, when exporting a candidate to your ATS, your top jobs will populate for you directly from the Entelo Extension.

Have questions or feedback?

We love hearing from you – you can contact your Customer Success Manager or reach out to support@entelo.com. If you’d like to see what else we’ve been up to, you can view previous release notes here.

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