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How Email Credits Work

How Email Credits Work

Every Search seat at Entelo comes with 300 email request credits and 300 access credits per month unless more credits are included in your contract. Both email request and access credits are replenished on the 1st day of each month. Unused credits do not roll over to the next month. Credits are shared across the entire team, which provides additional flexibility for the organization.

Email Request Credits
Anytime you request an email, an email request credit is consumed. Because every email requests to our data partners, each attempt will incur a credit even if no email is ultimately found for that profile.


Access Credits
Access credits are used for two main functions on Entelo — for accessing emails and for exporting profiles.


Accessing Emails
When you use an access credit to reveal the email of a candidate, you can perform any other email-related action on that profile without consuming an additional credit. For example, the first time you click on “View Email” on a candidate profile, you will consume 1 credit. If you or someone on your team sends a Track message to the same candidate later, no additional credit is consumed.

Exporting Profiles
When you perform an action that exports a profile from Entelo, 1 credit per profile is consumed each time. Export actions include “export to PDF”, “export to CSV”, “export to ATS”, and downloading a Project. In the profile export, we include comprehensive information about a candidate that includes their education, experience, skills, social links, and more. A credit is consumed for an export even if the profile does not contain an email address.


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