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Candidate does not “Reply All” on Send On Behalf Of (SOBO) Email

Leveraging Entelo’s Send On Behalf Of (AKA SOBO) feature increases your candidate response rate. In fact, metrics show that using the SOBO feature on passive candidates, the response rate could increase to 75%. But what if the candidate(s) you reached out to did not “Reply All” to the SOBO email(s) you were Cc’d on and your Hiring Manager is on PTO/sick with no access to his/her email? How do you track and engage a receptive candidate?


Since the SOBO email originates from your manager’s email engine, you won’t receive a notification if he candidate does not “Reply All.” However, you can easily track the activity on the SOBO email via Entelo Track. You can see whether or not the candidate opened or replied to the email:

By hovering over the Engagements, you can get more details on the candidate’s activity for that particular SOBO email:

Notice that the above candidate has opened the email once. You can proactively follow up on behalf of your manager and take it from there. Better yet, when your manager comes back from PTO, you’ll probably have good news to share.

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