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September 2016: Your most requested features are here.

Here’s a quick look at new features we’ve rolled out this month for Entelo Search:
  • New! Industry filter
  • New! Support for Outlook Exchange and Office 365
  • Coming Soon: Company size filter

Industry filter

Targeting candidates who work in a specific industry is now easier than ever, with the addition of an industry filter for Entelo Search. Simply start by entering a search term, then select your industry from the comprehensive list of industries provided. Entelo will return candidates whose current or previous roles are within the specified industry.

Support for Outlook Exchange and Office 365

All of the functionality of Track, now integrated with your Microsoft email client. With support for Outlook Exchange and Office 365, you can easily monitor your email open, reply, and click rates, gauge performance of different email templates, and refine your outreach strategy over time.

To get started, your Entelo administrator must enable the integration at the organizational level. Select ‘Organization Settings’ from the drop-down menu on from the right hand side of your navigation bar. Then select ‘Add Office365’ or ‘Add Exchange.’ If you are integrating with Exchange, you will be prompted enter your EWS URL (available from your email Exchange service provider).

Once the administrator has enabled the integration, Entelo users will be able to authenticate their individual accounts. To do this, select ‘Your Settings’ from the drop-down menu on from the right hand side of your navigation bar. Select the ‘Track’ tab, then select ‘Use Outlook365 Integration.’ Finally, select ‘Authenticate your Outlook365 account’ to enter your account username / password.

Coming Soon: Company size filter 

We’ve heard your requests – you want to bring on candidates who have experience working for an organization your size. We’re on it! Soon you will be able to sort through candidates by company size. Watch out for the new filter to go live in October!

Have questions or feedback?

We love hearing from you – you can contact your Customer Success Manager or reach out to support@entelo.com. If you’d like to see what else we’ve been up to, you can view previous release notes here.

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