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Having Trouble Logging In?

Are you having trouble logging in? Please delete your browser's cookies and try again. Look below for instructions on your specific browser:

Google Chrome

  • Go to the "Tools" menu (the three horizontal bars on the upper right of the browser) and click on "History" (Shortcut: Ctrl+H).
  • Click on "Clear all browsing data…" (Shortcut: Ctrl+ Shift+Del).
  • Select the types of data you want to clear, include "Empty the cache" option.

Apple Safari

  • From the "Safari" menu, choose "Empty History…" or hold down the  Opt and  Cmd keys and press E.

Mozilla Firefox

  • In versions of Firefox that display a single, orange "Firefox" button: click the "Firefox" button and click "Options". Select the "Advanced" section, and go to the "Network" tab, and click the "Clear Now" button. Then click "OK".
  • When Firefox displays a menu bar, from the "Edit" or "Tools" menu, choose "Preferences" or "Options". Select the "Advanced" section, and go to the "Network" tab. Click the button called "Clear Now". Then click "OK".
  • In SeaMonkey and later versions of Netscape, choose Edit  Preferences…, expand the "Advanced" section and choose "Cache". Click on the "Clear Cache" button.

Internet Explorer

IE 9:

  • Click "Tools" (the Gear-shaped button on the top-right section of the browser), point to "Safety" and click "Delete Browsing History…" (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+ Shift+Del).
  • Select "Temporary Internet Files" at the top, and click "Delete". (If Wikipedia is in your list of favorites, you may need to turn off the "Preserve Favorites website data" at the top of the dialog box.)
  • Internet Explorer will now silently delete the items you have chosen. Once finished, the notification bar appears at the bottom of the screen, stating that the selected browsing history has been deleted.

IE 8:

  • Click the "Tools" menu then select "Delete Browsing History".

IE 7:

  • Click "Tools" and select "Internet Options", choose the "General" tab and click "Delete Files" under the Temporary Internet Files section. If you want, you can also opt to delete cookies and browsing history.
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