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August 2016: Introducing one-click advance and reject


Here’s a quick look at a new Stack feature we’ve recently rolled out:

  • One-click advance and reject

One-click advance and reject

With one-click advance and reject, you can easily give the thumbs-up or thumbs-down to inbound applicants and trigger activities like stage advancement in your ATS or the scheduling of rejection emails.  

To get started, you’ll need to set up your workflow settings. Click the blue ‘Set Up’ button in the ‘Workflow Settings’ box on the right hand side of any jobs page.


For advancement, you can configure which stage in your ATS you would like us to send your candidates to.


In the case of a rejection, you will need to specify who you want to perform the rejection. This could be yourself or a team member, if they are listed in the drop-down menu. The person you select will appear as the one rejecting the candidate in your ATS. You also have the option to select and display a reason for the rejection in your ATS. 


If you would like to trigger an email to follow your thumbs-down action, you can select one of the rejection email templates from your ATS. Alternatively, you can choose to not have any automatic email actions follow your rejections in Stack. To provide some buffer, all rejections will be queued in the Rejection Queue and sent to your ATS for rejection after two business days. Within that two-day period, you have the option to review candidates in the queue and undo any pending rejections.


After you specify workflow setting once, you’ll be able to quickly take action on candidates in one click (and in batches if you’d like!)


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