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June 2016: Enhancements to Insights, Suggested Candidates, and more!



Here’s a quick look at new Stack features we’ve recently rolled out:

  • Location and job group filters for Insights
  • Insights export to CSV
  • Greenhouse prospects as suggested candidates
  • Previous position history on candidate summary
  • New ‘First Stage’ column on jobs dashboard
  • New progress tracker box

Location and job group filters for Insights

Your growing company likely has offices and job reqs in several locations. You can now view sourcing data from those locations by using the new location filter for Insights. Discover the best candidate sources for just your city, or compare your best local sources with the best sources in your state and country.


If you want to examine data aggregated by department, by recruiter, or any other arbitrary grouping, use the ‘Job Groups’ filter. You can create new job groups by clicking on the ‘Job Groups’ tab in the upper right hand corner of the Insights page.


Insights export to CSV

You now also have the ability to export Insights data into .csv format. This is especially helpful when you want to manipulate or share data on your biggest talent sources with other members of your organization. Just click the “Export to CSV” button on any Insight tab.


Greenhouse prospects as suggested candidates

Greenhouse “prospects” (passive candidates you’ve sourced and exported to Greenhouse) are now piped through Entelo Suggestions to intelligently surface the best prospects for your open roles. These prospects are tied to specific open reqs in Stack, just like they are in your Greenhouse environment.

This setting is now enabled by default for Greenhouse customers, but can be changed by going to the settings page for any job.


You can also now select other jobs you want to use as sources for Suggested Candidates. This is ideal if, for example, you have a dummy job where your team stores prospects.


Previous position history on candidate summary

A second job title is now listed in the summary for each candidate on all job pages. This additional info helps you take action on a candidate immediately, without having to click into the full profile for more details.


New ‘First Stage’ column on jobs dashboard

You may have noticed the new column next to all of your Stack jobs titled ‘First Stage.’ All of the numbers in this column represent the number of candidates that still require triaging (or are in the first stage of processing). If you see a high number in this column, you have candidates to attend to.


New progress tracker box

You will also see the ‘first stage’ candidate counter featured in the new progress tracker box on the upper right hand side of each job page. Numbers in the progress tracker box give you a quick picture of your activity by tallying up all of the candidates you’ve advanced, rejected, and still need to take action on.


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