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April 2016: Introducing the Unified Talent Pipeline

Welcome to your first set of Entelo Stack release notes. From now on, you can expect regular email communication from the Entelo team updating you on new features and functionality within Stack.

Here’s a quick look at new features we’ve recently rolled out:

  • New! Unified Talent Pipeline 
  • Improved jobs dashboard and job following
  • Criteria cloning 
  • Name anonymization feature

Unified Talent Pipeline 

You no longer have to worry about missing out on great candidates who apply for the wrong role. The Unified Talent Pipeline now suggests candidates for your jobs from other similar, active jobs.

To view your suggested candidates for any job, select 'Show suggested candidates' on the upper left hand side of your dashboard. Direct applicants will be marked with solid colors while suggested candidates will appear striped.


Improved jobs dashboard and job following 

The Entelo Stack job dashboard has been improved to make adding and tracking jobs more simple. You no longer have to import jobs manually from your ATS. Just hit ‘follow’ to add a job from the master list of jobs on the right to your personal list of followed jobs on the left.

Followers of a job will receive notifications when a change related to that job occurs, such as when a new green candidate applies. You can add or remove yourself, or any colleague, as a follower of any job at any time.


Criteria cloning

Job setup just got a little easier. You now have the ability to copy criteria from one job over to another. This is especially useful if, for example, you have many reqs open for the same role. Just search the job you would like to clone in the search field.


Name anonymization feature

Entelo Stack’s new name anonymization feature was designed to help reduce unconscious bias in the recruitment process. You can now enable the ‘anonymize names’ feature to see just the initials of all of your candidates within Stack.


The anonymization feature can be enabled at an organization- or user-level.

To change the view of candidates’ names for all Stack users within your organization, click on your profile image in the upper right hand navigation bar. Select ‘Organization’ from the drop down menu and then select the ‘Stack’ tab. Check the box for ‘Anonymize candidates name’ and hit ‘Save.’


To opt into anonymization on a user-level, and change only your own view of candidate names, select ‘Settings’ from the drop down menu and then select the ‘Stack’ tab. Check the box for ‘Anonymize candidates name’ and hit ‘Save.’


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