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May 2016: Enhancements to the Candidate View

Here’s a quick look at new Stack features we’ve recently rolled out:

  • Improved bucket filters
  • New candidate source information
  • New batch actions
  • Suggested candidate quick facts

Improved bucket filters

Bucket filters on job pages have been updated for an even easier view of your Unified Talent Pipeline. See the total number of candidates you have in each bucket and select just the buckets of candidates you want to consider.


New candidate source information 

The source of a candidate (for example, Glassdoor or your career website) is now displayed more prominently in each candidate’s summary on your job pages. This added information allows you to quickly gain access to essential candidate information, without having to open individual candidate profiles.


New batch actions

You can now sort and classify candidates more easily with improved batch actions. Select the candidates you wish to take action on by clicking the box to the left of their name. Then, change their stage within your ATS or reject candidates, all at once.

You can also select and take action on all applicants in your talent pipeline by clicking the box above all names in your candidate list.


Suggested candidate quick facts

Want more info on those suggested candidates? You can now hover over the question mark icon next to any suggested candidate to view quick facts, including the role they initially applied to, their status, and source.


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