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Likely to Move overview

Likely to Move Overview

Our "Likely to Move" feature analyses dozens of predictive variables and uses advanced machine learning to predict which candidates are most likely to be open to a new opportunity. High-scoring Candidates are 2x more likely to change jobs in the next 90 days, and have 19% higher email engagement rates than low-scoring candidates.

High prediction score example


Low prediction score example



Likely to Move also offers context around each candidate's prediction score, by showing some of the signals yielding the results, such as the candidate’s average job tenure, recent work anniversaries, company turnover rates, and recent company news.

Leverage these insights to prioritize candidates who are more receptive to new opportunities, personalized your outreach messaging and optimize your recruiting strategy.

You can also filter searches to prioritize candidates with a high prediction score. Apply the More Likely to Move filter, as shown below. This will only show you candidates that our algorithm predicts will be more likely to move.

 One way to do it is by using the highlights filters:


The other way to do it is by using talent pool insights to refine your search results:


Likely to Move Watchlist

Found a candidate you are interested in? You can add them to your Likely To Move Watchlist, and we’ll notify you via email if their Likely to Move prediction score increases significantly:




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