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Follow-up Emails

Also known as drip campaigns, we give you the ability to automatically send a follow-up email to candidates you’ve previously emailed via Track.

Follow-ups can be added when you create new templates or when composing an email. Under the body of the template, you'll see a check box to 'Add a follow-up'. Below the body of the follow-up, you can customize the amount of days after the initial email you'd like the follow-up to be sent.

In the email composer you can add a follow-up by clicking the "add follow-up" button below the main body of the email.


The follow-up email will be triggered when a candidate opens your email. If they reply, the follow-up will be cancelled. You can see the status of your follow-up emails under the Track tab. Go to the Follow-Ups tab and you'll see two sections: Pending and Scheduled.

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