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Entelo Release Notes: March 2016


Here’s a quick look at new features we’ve rolled out this month:

  • Combination name and keyword search
  • Improved tagging on lists
  • Sourcer attribution in lists
  • Improved Help Center
Combination name and keyword search

 Entelo Search capabilities have been improved with the separation of ‘name’ and ‘keyword’ search fields. Entering your search term in a more specific search field, like ‘name’ OR ‘keyword,’ will produce a more accurate set of results.
Using both search fields together will also allow you to narrow down on candidates with common names more easily. 

 Improved tagging on lists

Organizing candidates within lists just got a little easier! Recent tags you’ve used will now appear at the top of your list of tags.

Recent tags will also appear when using bulk actions to categorize candidates, in order of most recently used. 


Sourcer attribution in lists

Sourcing for a role with teammates? You can now filter lists by the sourcer’s name when multiple users add candidates to a list. Review just your additions to a list, or compare your contributions to those of others.

 For more information on tagging and building lists, check out the ‘How to Use Lists’ step-by-step walkthrough by clicking on the question-mark icon in your top navigation.


Improved Help Center 

Entelo’s Help Center received a makeover – and much more content! It’s now easier to navigate knowledgebase articles, review announcements, or request help.


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