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June 2016: Simplified Job Setup and More

Here’s a quick look at new Stack features we’ve recently rolled out:

  • Simplified job setup
  • Improved criteria page
  • New! Hiding jobs
  • Usage reports for managers

Simplified job setup

Significant changes have been made to simplify the process of setting up new jobs. This previously two-step process is now just one! Simply adjust criteria for applicant ranking on the "Criteria" page and you’re ready to view your top candidates.

You can still adjust additional settings on the “Settings” page as needed, but this step will no longer be a required part of your job setup process. To find the “Settings” page, click on the "..." symbol in the upper right hand corner of the candidate list view.


The thresholds color slider has also been removed from the "Criteria" page and added to the "Settings" page to simplify and shorten setup. Thresholds will operate under default settings unless manually adjusted.


Improved criteria page

The “Criteria” page has enhanced "previous companies" and "previous job titles" sections. You can now weigh the companies and titles you enter according to their importance to the role. You can also view, select, and weigh the keyword suggestions provided by Entelo.


Hiding jobs

Org admins now have the ability to ‘hide’ jobs that are private or sensitive from other Stack users. Hiding a job will make sure that candidates for that job do not sync to Stack. Hidden jobs can only be seen by org admins.

To hide a job, go to the Stack tab on the org settings page and click “manage hidden jobs.” Then, select the box next to the job you would like to hide.


Usage reports for managers

As an Entelo Manager, you play a critical role in ensuring your recruiting team gets the greatest ROI from Stack. To help you measure this even more effectively, we’ve created new usage reports for managers. With manager usage reports, you’ll be able to quickly access essential information like the total number of searches and set up jobs, as well as individual performance metrics for each member of your team.


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