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Send on Behalf of Overview

Our "Send on Behalf of" (SOBO) feature allows you to send emails as your hiring managers, directors or even CEO. Research shows that candidates are more likely to open and respond to emails coming from their team or team lead. SOBO allows you to take advantage of this trend, without overburdening your hiring managers and executive team.

You can send on behalf of anyone within your organisation regardless of if they have an Entelo seat or not. Contact your Customer Success Manager to have us add SOBO users. Instructions for SOBO users on how to set up their account can be found here and to authenticate their account can be found here.

When a candidate responds it will go directly to the SOBO user in order to ensure organic correspondence. If you would like to be looped in on the response we find that CC'ing yourself and saying that the recruiter has been included on the email for scheduling works well.

Other tips for if the candidate doesn't reply all can be found here.

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