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Entelo Release Notes: February 2016



Here’s a quick look at new features we’ve rolled out in the last month:

  • Ability to request additional emails

  • Additional step-by-step walkthroughs

  • Updated Search interface

 Request additional email addresses
You can now request additional email addresses for candidates who already have email addresses associated with their profile. This is especially helpful when an existing email address is from a previous job, or an existing personal email address is no longer functioning.

Additional step-by-step walkthroughs
Four new step-by-step walkthroughs have been added to Entelo’s help menu to guide you through commonly used features. These include:
  • How to Create Lists – Learn how to create, name, and establish privacy settings for new lists.

  • How to Use Lists – Learn how to add candidates to new or previously created lists and tag them for easy filtering and greater organization.

  • Bulk Actions Overview – Learn how to organize, export, email, or request additional information for several candidates at once.

  • How to Create a Sonar Slot – Set up a Sonar slot to get high-quality and More Likely To Move™ candidates delivered directly to your inbox.

To access any of the walkthroughs, as well as our Help Center, click on the question-mark icon in your top navigation:


Updated Search interface

 Based on your feedback we’ve modified the Search interface so that the most common search parameters are closer to the top (Company, Position, etc). You’ll still find popular filters down below (More Likely to Move™, Diversity, etc). 



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