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Configuring DNS to improve Track email deliverability

Depending on how your company's DNS settings are configured, email sent through Track is sometimes labelled "sent via email.domain.com," or can end up in the recipient's spam folder. By properly setting your DNS records you can ensure email deliverability and avoid these issues.

DNS Records

DNS records control the rules around how your domain is used. Your IT department or email administrator can help you update your records to work well with Track. There are a variety of different kinds of DNS records, the ones relevant to email and Track are SPF records, and DKIM.

"My emails go to Spam"

Most email providers check the SPF records of the domain that every email comes from, to verify that the server sending the email has been authorized by the domain owner. If this check fails then mail can be categorized as spam. By setting your SPF records correctly, you are essentially allowing Entelo to send emails on your behalf, and avoiding this.

If you don't have an existing SPF record, add this to your DNS:

TXT yourdomain.com v=spf1 include:sendgrid.net ~all

If you have an existing SPF record:

Between the "v=spf1" and "~all", add this:


"My emails are 'via email.entelo.com'"

If you don't have DKIM records set, if you send an email from, for instance, 'john@potato.com, Gmail will sometimes label Entelo Track emails as "From john@potato.com via email.entelo.com". Preventing the 'via' label requires more extensive DNS configuration.

This is somewhat more involved than editing SPF records, and we're happy to help. Please contact support@entelo.com and we'll provide you with the correct records and guidance.

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