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Using the Reports tab (Track)

The Track tab in Reports is used to give you stats on how the Track feature is being used on an organization level, an individual level, and how well templates are being utilized. These can be broken down by any given time frame (adjustable in the drop down in the upper right hand corner).


On the organizational level, you'll get a break down of how many emails have been sent from users in your organization, how many have been opened, clicked, replied to from the Gmail Track integration, and exported to your ATS. You must be an Org Admin to have access to view all of the user's stats. If you're interested in becoming an org admin, please contact your customer success manager.


You'll also have access to each user's Track stats in both a graph form and a numerical form. This will give you breakdowns of each person's total emails sent, how many were opened, clicked, replied to, and exported.


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