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Entelo Release Notes: September 2015

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 For your consideration, the latest improvements to Entelo:
  • Browser notifications
  • ‘Send on behalf of’ permission granters can now create their own email templates
  • Improved Track stats for the 'Send on behalf of’ email feature
  • Improved search filters
Browser notifications
In addition to notifications by email, Entelo now supports browser notifications. The next time you visit the site, you'll be asked to enable notifications for Entelo.com, as illustrated below. Say yes!
Browser notification alert
Browser notifications give you immediate feedback on select actions, like when a candidate opens one of your emails or clicks on a link, or a colleague mentions you in a comment. If you have Entelo open--even in a different tab or window--they appear as a card in the top right corner of your browser. Yet another good reason to always have Entelo running :-)
Browser notification example
You can change email or browser notification settings at any time on your profile.
Granters can create templates
Entelo users can ask anyone in their organization for permission to send emails on their behalf. Colleagues who grant that permission can now also create templates for you to use on their behalf. Let hiring managers speak the language of the candidates you’re contacting for them, for improved response rates.
Granter new template screenshot
Improved Track stats for 'Send on behalf of'
Under 'Reports,' if you click the 'Track' tab and scroll down, you’ll see that emails and templates sent on behalf of your colleagues are now broken out:
Improved Track stats for send on behalf of
And if you're not using 'Send on behalf of,' you should try it. Since it launched in May we've seen ample evidence that a well-crafted email from a hiring manager or peer (i.e., an engineering leader reaching out to engineers) can have significantly better response rates.

Social filters screenshot
Improved search filters
Entelo is constantly adding new data sources. Which is awesome, but our list of social filters was becoming unwieldy. Filters have been cleaned up and grouped by type, and hovering over any of them gives a short description of the site in question.
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