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Entelo Release Notes: August 2015

To help you get the most out of Entelo, here’s a rundown of recent improvements:
  • A more robust set of metrics related to your use of Entelo
  • The ability to add private lists, notes, and email templates
  • Updated look for profiles and the Chrome extension
Improved! Stats on how you’re using Entelo Search
With the new stats, everyone can get an in-depth look into their own activity, and Entelo admins can quickly get a view of the whole team’s activity: who is performing the most searches, viewing candidate profiles, and creating lists and notes. Admins can also see which team members are actively contacting candidates, requesting email addresses, and exporting data.
Improved! Stats on how you’re using Entelo Track

Ever wonder who’s actually reading your emails?
Now you can get a better sense of how your outreach efforts are performing. For example, since you cansend emails on behalf of someone else using Entelo, you can do some A/B testing on the response rates -- in our experience with customers, response rates jump when the email comes from the hiring manager vs. the recruiting team.
The improved Entelo Track reporting section gives you stats on the number of emails sent, opened, clicked on (if there were links), and reply rates.*
*for now, emails originating from Gmail only
New! Private lists, comments, and email templates
You can now opt to keep your candidates lists, comments, and email templates private and viewable only by you and your Entelo administrator.
New look for profile pages and the Chrome extension
Profiles have a cleaner two-column design to improve readability and to make it easier to add and read team content like notes:
The extension has a new design as well, which moves work history higher up and blends better with the pages it supports:
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