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Entelo Release Notes: July 2015




Hello, Everyone!

 Welcome to our Release Notes: Track Edition. Here’s a rundown of recent updates to Track, your way to email candidates and track their response using Entelo. Of particular note, we’ve added probably the most-requested new Track feature, the ability to send emails for teammates. 

  • Send email on behalf of teammates
  • Track can now be used with any email provider
  • Ability to specify your time zone for scheduled emails
  • Updated guide to DNS configuration
  • Improved batch downloads and exports


Better ‘Send Email on Behalf Of’

 All Entelo users now have the ability to send emails to candidates on behalf of someone else within their team. Also, each license is granted an additional right to send on behalf of 1 other person within the company, external to the recruiting team. Contact your customer success manager to enable ‘send on behalf of’ for addition people within your team, and refer to the Track documentation for more info.


 Use ‘Track’ with any email provider

 Track initially required Gmail. It’s now available to any organization, regardless of the email system you use. That means if you’re using Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, or anything else, you can have Track enabled. Contact your customer success manager to have it turned on for you.


 Ability to specify user timezone

 To assist with email scheduling and to make things easier for distributed teams, your timezone can now be set on a per-user basis. Update your timezone, and scheduled emails will be sent at your local time.





 DNS optimization for Track

 Track works great out of the box -- Entelo customers are using it successfully to track thousands of emails a day. But a few simple DNS changes can optimize Track deliverability. Check out this article for some useful tips.


 Batch downloads & exports

 The experience of downloading lots of candidates as a CSV, or exporting many candidates to your ATS, has been much improved. Larger exports and downloads are now done asynchronously -- i.e., you don’t have to wait for them to complete -- making them faster and less error prone.


Questions or feedback? We love to hear from you. Please feel free to hit ‘Reply’ to this message and you’ll reach me directly, or contact your Customer Success Manager anytime.







John McGrath

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer 




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