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Send On Behalf Of

How to set this feature up:

Log into your Entelo account.  If someone else from your organization has requested you to grant them "Send on Behalf of" access, you will get an email prompting you to create an account first.

Once in your account, click 'Your Settings'

On the 'Track' tab, you'll see the Send on Behalf of section. From there, click 'Authenticate'.

Your email will then be authorized with Entelo. Once that's complete, you can choose the members from your team that you would like to grant permission to send on behalf of you. Once you give those permissions, your team members will receive an email notifying them that they now are able to send as you. 

From this page, you can also request permission to send as someone else in your organization, whether or not they already have an Entelo account.



How to use this feature:

When drafting a message on Track, select on the person's name that you wish to send as from the Send As field.  Your email will now send from that individual's email address.

Sending on Behalf of Multiple Senders:

If you have the Multiple Follow Ups feature, you can set your touches to be sent from different senders by selecting the appropriate sender on each touch.  

By default, the sender is you.  If you add follow ups, the "Send As" on your first 1st Touch will be applied to the follow ups.  So, if you have a template with 5 touches and you want to send all of them on behalf of a hiring manager, select that hiring manager as the sender on your 1st touch, and then select your template.  That hiring manager will be applied to all subsequent touches, so you don't have to set them one by one.

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