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Entelo Release Notes: April 2015

Integrations, improved notes, new filters and email options—we're excited to share some new Entelo features with you:

  • SmartRecruiters integration
  • @mentions in notes
  • New filter: exclude all contacted by org
  • Improved email workflow
  • Default cc/bcc for Track users


SmartRecruiters search export integration

Entelo Search now integrates with SmartRecruiters, allowing customers to export Entelo profiles directly to their SmartRecruiters ATS.

If you're a SmartRecruiters customer email success@entelo.com, and we'll help you enable the integration.

@mentions in notes

When adding notes to profiles or lists you can now type ‘@’, then the name of a person in your organization, and you’ll get a drop-down menu of matching people as you type. Select the person you want to mention, and when you save they’ll be sent an email containing the note. It’s a great way to quickly share candidates with colleagues, and to discuss candidates on Entelo without having to interrupt your workflow.


New filter: exclude contacted by org

Previously you were only able to filter out profiles of candidates you had contacted. Now you can also filter out all candidates contacted by anyone in your organization.



Improved email workflow

We’ve made accessing emails faster, easier, and more flexible. Profiles now have buttons to both ‘Send’ and ‘View’ emails. Depending on whether the customer has Track enabled ‘Send’ will either open the Track email composer, or open your local email composer (Gmail etc). ‘View’ simply shows the email and makes it easy to copy and paste. By putting both options on the profile customers save 2-4 clicks compared to the previous process.



Default cc/bcc for Track users

Track allows you to add a cc, bcc, or attachment to any email. Now you can also add default cc and bcc recipients, so that an email is cc’d or bcc’d automatically on every email. You can add default cc/bcc recipients on your user profile.


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