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Entelo Release Notes: June 2015


Here's a roundup of the latest feature additions to Entelo.

Send email on behalf of your teammates
Entelo Track now supports the ability to send emails on behalf of other Entelo users in your organization. You can ask colleagues for permission to send for them from within the app, and after they grant it their name appears as an option in the 'From' field. The 'reply to' on emails sent this way goes to the person on whose behalf the email was sent, but stats like open and click rates are attributed to the user who did the sending. Read more in the blog post, and see detailed instructions on Entelo's support site.
Track for all
Entelo Track is now available to all customers, regardless of their email system, and no longer requires Gmail/Apps integration. Without Google integration Track is unable to track reply rates, but otherwise it's fully function--you can send email from within Entelo, use templates, schedule emails, and track open and click rates, and more. For full info see the Track guide
Better notifications
Notifications sent by Track, and throughout Entelo, are now a lot easier on the eyes, and there are more of them available.  You can update your notifications settings on your profile and your Track preferences page.
Add to lists more easily
It's now much easier to find the right list to add people to, especially if you have a lot of them. 
SmartRecruiters integration!
Seamlessly export candidates from Entelo Search into SmartRecruiters with a single click. Bring over contact information, employment history, and social links. Activation on request for joint SmartRecruiters Corporate and Entelo customers.
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