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How To Use Tags in a List

What are Tags?

Tags can be applied to candidate profiles within a list, and will essentially show up as new search filters in that list. 

How can I add tags to profiles?

There are two ways that you can add tags to candidate profiles. The first is to tag a single profile by using the tag icon shown for each candidate in the list. 


By clicking on the tag, you have the option of selecting an existing tag that has previously been created by someone in your organization, or creating a new tag.


The tag that you selected or created will then appear both on the profile that you tagged, as well as in the filters drop down list under tags


Checking and filtering by specific tags will only show candidates that have that tag on their profile. Likewise, you can exclude candidates with a specific tag(s) by selecting all tags except those that you would not like to appear in the list. 


You can also bulk tag candidates in a list.

First, select the candidates that you would like to add a tag too.


Once you select the candidates, the grey task bar will appear at the top of the page. Selecting 'tag' will then prompt you to create a name for the tag that you would like to apply. As you begin to type, you'll notice there is an autofill option, from which you can select existing tags, or you can create a brand new tag.


As noted before, this tag will then be applied to the profiles that you selected, and will also become a search filter.

Can I delete tags?

Yes! To delete a tag, simply hover over the tag on the candidate profile that you're looking to delete, then click the 'x' on that tag.


Keep in mind that the only way to delete a search filter that was created by a tag is to delete this tag from each profile that it has been applied to.

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