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Navigating a Profile

When you click on a candidate's profile, you will be directed to a page like this. You'll see an overview of the candidate's work and education experience, as well as who has contacted them from your organization and what lists they are currently in.



You also have the option to jump into any of the candidate’s social profiles by clicking on the "View On" tab.


The orange Send button will allow you to email the candidate using our Track feature. If we do not have an email address for the candidate, the orange button will say "Request Email". If you'd like to request an additional email or add an email address that you have found for the candidate, you can use the blue links right below.


If you scroll down on the candidate's profile, you can add them to lists, export them to your ATS, share them with another Entelo-using team member, or export their resume in PDF format.


Lastly, at the bottom of the candidates profile there are some suggestions from Entelo of similar profiles. Amount of suggested profiles may vary.


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