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Boolean Search Tips and Tricks

Entelo Search Box - accepts skills and individual's names. Commas and spaces between keywords have an implied AND in this search box only.

Examples of skills: Ruby, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript
Examples of job titles: Software Engineer, UI/UX Designer, CTO

Boolean String Searching on Entelo:

  • Operators: AND OR + - NOT (commas and spaces are an implied AND if entered in the search box, commas and spaces are an implied OR if entered in the Position, or Company)
  • Grouping: “” ( )
  • Weight terms: ^ + a number, used in relation to other terms to weight keywords

         <7 - de-emphasizes a term i.e. ^6

         7 - neutralizes the term i.e. ^7

         >7 - emphasizes a term i.e. ^8      

Ex: (“product manager” AND mobile) AND (agile^10 OR scrum^9) NOT engineer

This string will pull the search results for both keywords product and manager together and mobile and either agile or scrum (but agile first pick) but not engineer or developer or programmer

 Category Operators -- entered before the search term to specify the type of the term:

  • skill: search for skills
  • name: search for candidate’s name
  • position: search for titles
  • company: search for companies
  • current_position: search for current titles
  • current_company: search for current company names

Expanded Information:


AND: place in between two phrases and you will search for candidates that have the first term and the second phrase mentioned across their profiles. the ‘AND’ operator is automatically added between phrases, so it’s not required to add it   EX. Ruby MongoDB will search for Ruby AND MongoDB

OR: place in between two phrases and you will search for candidates that have either the first or second phrase mentioned across their profiles EX. Ruby OR Python will search for profiles that have mention of either Ruby or Python

NOT ( - ): place in front of a phrase that you want excluded from search results. You can write out ‘NOT’ or simply use a dash EX. developer NOT founder NOT CEO will search for developers who have no mention of the terms ‘founder’ or ‘CEO’ in their profiles. A search for developer -founder -CEO will produce the same results

"Quotes": put quotes around a phrase when you want to search that exact phrase EX. Software Engineer will search for candidates that have the terms ‘software’ and ‘engineer’ mentioned in their profiles even if the terms don’t appear next to each other (although this does get precedence). A search without quotes will auto-expand to find job titles that are synonyms such as developer or programmer. Searching for “Software Engineer” will search for the exact phrase across all profiles and will not include synonyms.

(Parenthesis): used to separate logic within your searches (used the exact same as in math equations) ex. (Ruby OR Python) AND (MySQL OR MongoDB) as opposed to Ruby OR Python AND MySQL OR MongoDB. The first search will produce candidates that have either Ruby or Python and either MySQL or MongoDB whereas the latter search will produce candidates that have either ‘Ruby’ and ‘MySQL’ or mention of ‘Python’ or ‘MongoDB.’

Note: Entelo does not support asterisks


Additional Boolean Resources (non-Entelo)

General Boolean tutorial from ERE

Boolean Strings courses from Irina Shamaeva

How to Automatically Build Boolean OR Strings by Glen Cathey

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