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Import Contacts - Guide

File Format and File Size

Only .CSV files that are UTF-8 compatible can be uploaded at this time.  The maximum file size is 10MB (approx. 10,000 rows of data). 

If you're saving from Excel, please go to "Save as" and select the "CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited)(.csv)" file format.  Please do not select any of the other .csv file formats in the Excel menu.  


Options for uploading contacts

You have several options on how to use the contacts you upload to Entelo. You can select from the following options:

- Mark as contacted:  When you upload your CSV file, we will look for Entelo profiles that match the information in your file.  Any matched Entelo profiles will be marked as contacted by your organization.  (We're adding the option for you to mark candidates as contacted by you as a user shortly).  Any rows from your CSV file that weren't matched to Entelo profiles will be emailed back to you and will not be able to be marked as contacted in Entelo.  

Remove from contacted:  You also have the option to upload a CSV of contacts and instruct Entelo to unmark any matched Entelo profiles from being contacted.  This is a useful feature should you want to expand the number of profiles that you consider as "not contacted" at Entelo.  Any rows from your CSV file that weren't matched to Entelo profiles will be emailed back to you and will not be able to be unmarked as contacted in Entelo. 

Include in Entelo Envoy blacklist:  If you're an existing Entelo Envoy customer, the default option when you upload a CSV of contacts would be to include the matched Entelo profiles in a "do not contact" list that is specific to Entelo Envoy jobs only.

Remove from Entelo Envoy blacklist:  If you're an existing Entelo Envoy customer, you can also remove profiles from the Entelo Envoy "do not contact" list by uploading a CSV and selecting "remove from Entelo Envoy blacklist", which will remove any matched Entelo profiles from the blacklist.  

Data Privacy

Entelo uses the information contained in your CSV file only to match to existing Entelo profiles.  Under no circumstance will Entelo create a new Entelo profile or augment an existing Entelo profile with the information in your file.  Entelo will email you back a CSV of any rows that were not matched to Entelo profiles, as well as any rows that errored out in the upload process, for your records.  

Types of contacts that can be uploaded

You can upload any CSV file (that is UTF-8 compatible) by downloading your candidates from your Applicant Tracking System.  You can also upload the personal LinkedIn contacts that you can download from LinkedIn by going to:

  1. Privacy & Settings. ...
  2. Click the Account tab near the bottom of the page.
  3. Click Request an archive of your data under the Helpful Links section.

When you receive your files from LinkedIn, you will notice that they send you over a dozen files.  Please select the Connections.csv file for best results:


Note:  We don't recommend uploading the CSV extracted from your LinkedIn Recruiter Inbox - currently the data exported is insufficient to make an Entelo match when uploaded to Entelo. 

Providing label information 

When you first upload your CSV file, Entelo will attempt to recognize what type of data (email, first name, etc.) is contained in each column in your file.  Once in a while, Entelo will want to make sure the column header is being interpreted correctly, so you will be prompted to provide the names of each column.  This will help Entelo parse and upload the data with accuracy.  Please select the appropriate header for each of your columns or specify "Other" if the appropriate selection is not contained in the drop-down. You can also specify "Ignore This Column" if the column contains information that is not useful to identify a contact, such as random notes.




Occasionally Entelo may not be able to upload the entire file or specific rows from the file.  The whole file can error out if the file is too large, or if the file is in a CSV format that is not UTF-8 compatible.  In that case, please try breaking your file into smaller files (less than 10,000 rows each) or in the case of a formatting failure, try exporting the file and saving it as a CSV file that is UTF-8 compatible.  In case specific rows error out, we will email you the row numbers of your CSV that we could not process.  You can try uploading the file again after you fix any formatting issues, such as non-latin characters and syntax.

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