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Sending an email

On candidates' profiles you’ll see a button to send an email.


Click it and the email composer appears.


1. If your candidate has multiple email address' listed on Entelo you can select which one you would like to send it to.

2. Click here to add CC or BCC, this can be useful when sending an email on behalf of a colleague.

3. Here you can select a template that you have made previously and save the email you are currently working on as a new template.

4. Select who you would like the email to come from. If you have permission to send on behalf of another colleague you are able to select their email address.

5. Email tittle and body. Type out your message as you would with any email editor.

6. Open the formatting settings to change the formatting of your text, insert links and insert pictures.

7. Attach a file to your message.

8. Custom fields can be added when sending bulk emails. It will automatically add the candidates first/last name when the email is sent.

9. Add a follow up to this email. More information on follow ups can be found here.

10. Select when you would like to send the email. More information on this feature can be found here.

11. Send your completed email.


If you want to just view a candidate's email address, rather than send an email, click the 'View' button.


If Entelo doesn't have an email for a candidate, use the 'Request email' button and our team will try and find one. You can keep track of the status of your request in the email request section of "Your Activity" found by clicking your name/picture in the top right corner.


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