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June 2017: TEE integration & rejection notice staggering

Here’s a quick look at new features we’ve recently rolled out for Entelo Stack:

  • Taleo Enterprise Edition (TEE) integration
  • Staggered rejection notices for multi-job applicants

Taleo Enterprise Edition (TEE) integration

All the functionality of Stack is now available for Taleo Enterprise Edition users! Taleo customers can now leverage the wealth of data collected in their ATS to automate the resume review process, stack rank existing and incoming applicants, and streamline candidate communications.

If your company uses TEE, and you would like to get the integration set up, please reach out to your customer success representative directly.

Staggered rejection notices for multi-job applicants

If you’ve ever come across candidates who apply to multiple open reqs on your career page at once, you know that rejecting those candidates can be tricky – you want to ensure that the candidate still has a positive experience with your company and feels as though you’ve completed a thorough review of all applications submitted.  

Now it’s easier to automate the release of multiple rejection notices in a respectful manner. If one candidate is rejected in Stack for multiple jobs at once, Stack will automatically stagger the rejection notices to be sent one a day, at randomized times each day.

Have questions?

We love hearing from you – you can reply to this message and you’ll reach me directly, or contact your Customer Success Manager anytime. If you’d like to see what else we’ve been up to, you can view previous release notes here.

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