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April 2017: Redesigned Track Dashboard, Keyword Expansion & Exact Match

Here’s a quick look at new features we’ve rolled out this month for Entelo Search:
  • Redesigned Track Dashboard
  • Keyword Expansion & Exact Match  

Redesigned Track Dashboard

We’ve spent the last several months listening to your feedback and working to make Track more powerful and user friendly. Today we release the new, improved, and redesigned Track dashboard.

At the core of this release is an improved framework for understanding candidate behaviors and quickly taking action on those who require your attention. We’ve made it easier to quickly view and sort candidates by email status and email candidates directly from the dashboard in 1-click.

Hover your cursor over ‘opened,’ ‘clicked,’ and ‘replied’ icons to quickly see the number of times a candidate has interacted with your email.


Sort candidates by those who have opened, clicked, and replied to your messages by selecting from the appropriate tab at the top.


Take action on your candidates individually or in bulk, directly from the track dashboard. Select the checkboxe(s) next to the candidates you’d like to contact, then select ‘email’ from the dropdown menu. 



Keyword Expansion & Exact Match

Widen your search when you are looking for more candidates, and pare down results when you are running very specific searches, with Keyword Expansion and Exact Match.

Entelo will now automatically detect the skills or titles you enter into the keyword box and return candidates who have those skills / titles as well as other similar, related skills / titles. Exact matches will appear at the top of your results list, while expanded results will appear underneath.

To display only the candidates who match your search criteria exactly, select 'Exact matches only' from the dropdown menu on the upper right hand side of your search page. 



Have questions or feedback?

We love hearing from you – you can reply to this message and you’ll reach me directly, or contact your Customer Success Manager anytime. If you’d like to see what else we’ve been up to, you can view previous release notes here.

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