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Exchange: How to Set Up Your Outlook Mailbox with Track

Confirm with your Customer Success Representative that your organization has been successfully set up with Entelo Track's Exchange integration. As one last step, you must add Entelo as a delegate user to your Outlook Inbox to complete the configuration. Each user must complete these steps. 

Note: The following steps are applicable for the Outlook 2010 versions and above.  

Open Outlook. Click on the File tab. The Account Settings window will open.



Click on Account Settings.


Select Delegate Access from the drop down menu. A window similar to the following will appear:




Click Add in the window. The Delegates window opens. Search for 'Entelo' or any variation of it. 

Once you have found it, double-click on it; this will add it to the Add field.
Click OK


A window similar to the following will appear. 
The ONLY permission to set on this window is for Inbox. Set this permission to Reviewer. All other settings can be left at default - unchecked or 'None'.  



Click OK. 

Once these steps are complete, login to Entelo. Under Settings → Track, click on Complete Configuration.



You should see the Green Light, indicating a successful configuration. 




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